Justin Miller feedback!

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After I posted the Justin Miller interview I received over 100 messages from e-mails, tweets direct messages, and from facebook from riders around the world saying thanks and to tell Justin that they miss watching him ride. As you can see above, Global flat had over 40 post and still growing…  I think it is safe to say that the flatland world wants this guy back. Below I added a couple messages from riders and what they had to say. Bottom line is… Justin is a bad ass! No joke.

Thought it was necessary to post all this so we can get this guy back on his bike. Some people in world are blessed with an unbelievable amount of talent. Hope to one day see Justin sitting beside me on an airplane again heading to a contest. We all know he loved to compete! Thanks for all the feedback guys! It meant alot to me to do that interview! Keep riding!

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