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Over the past couple years Matthias has definitely been the guy to follow in Flatland. I must admit, I watch this guys every move. From his web edits, contest wins, and even the food he eats. Matthias has gained the respect from not only the flatland community but the entire BMX industry seems to be amazed by this guys skill, style, attitude, and even bike set-up. Being a pro rider myself I find myself watching other pros and how they promote themselves. The coolest thing about watching Matthias’s Career is simple fact that he has 100% stayed himself and portrays that in every interview, every video, and in every media piece I see of him. I once read that if you admire people that are successful in what they do, you are on the right track to success yourself. With that said… I am a huge fan of this guy and everything he has going on so I decided to interview this fool!! ENJOY

List your full name?
Matthias Lucas Dandois-Delaigue

21 f&%king years old

Orange, Red Bull, Odyssey, Vans, G-Shock, Pull-In, Different Characters, Green Films

Favorite food?

It seems like you have started tattooing your body everywhere. Why do you love Tattoos and is this something that is accepted by the French people?
Yes I love it! One of my good friend has a tatoo gun at his place so when we get drunk we just draw shit on our arm and feet. Pretty funny hey! Yes its accepted by French people! I don’t live in a third world country!

The world wants to know, What kind of girl does Matthias like?
My girlfriend! Blond, cute and easy going!

You are a very tall creature, Do you think that helps you with riding flatland?
It helps me for some tricks definitely, and it prevents from injuring your balls when you crash with your bar between your leg you know what I mean.

After winning so many contest, Is it hard to stay motivated for competition? Seems you are pretty impossible to beat so why practice?! Lol
That’s true! It’s hard to stay motivated but I hate to loose when it comes to contest so I’m still into it. I’m not practicing anymore for contest, it’s boring to do it by yourself. That’s why I come to your place one week before Jomopro to practice!

A couple years ago Justin Miller seems to be your biggest competition. Were you ever nervous to compete against him? Be honest with me Partner.
Yeah Justin was a fucking machine!!! But I mean It’s still BMX… Not a big deal

Is Alex Jumelin like a 2nd father to you?

What is your favorite thing to do besides BMX?
Social networks, Eating good food, Cooking, hanging out with my friend…

You have gained a ton of respect from the “street riders” in the industry because of your bike set up. Thanks for making me look goofy with my bent tubes. This is not a question just wanted to slap you for that. Lol

I enjoy watching your career unfold as a professional rider because you have taken some very smart and creative ways to promote yourself. How important do you think it is do promote yourself and stand out in BMX?
Thank you! I love to do it! It’s really important to promote yourself. 3 years ago I told myself I wanted to live out of BMX and that is not possible if you don’t promote yourself.

The flatland world wants to know, has Ralfe been riding? Will he be back?
ahah yes he does ride and he’ll be back in time for BMX Master and do a hold up!

I know you love the USA! Which is very odd for a Frenchman. Please list your top 5 things you love about America.
Everyone in France love U.S.A It’s just you guys who don’t like us! dude there are so many “wanna be” American in Paris!!! too funny.
1-Austin TX
2-Taco Bell
3-Urban Outfitters
4-Weird countryside accent
5-Terry Adams ahahah

Are baggy jeans coming back in style over there? Let me know that dawg.
No man, Baggy jeans are dead and burried over here. Fuck baggy jeans, it looks awful. fuck sweatpants too and fuck bent tube bike ahahah

Can you tell us about your plans for the future? Life and riding ?
I’m gonna learn how to ride properly street and will have fun with it. I just wanna enjoy my life as long as possible, no plans, it’s for old people.

Tell me your best memory in life?
the day I told my parents I wanted to quit school to ride a small bike and they were OK with that. That’s fucking awesome

Any special messages to riders around the world?
Have fun and try everything in BMX… It has so much more to offer than just one discipline.
Love from Paris

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2 Responses to Matthias Interview!

  1. mark vos says:

    Bro … JAGERBOMBS all am saying..miss you rockerr.. you have never ever before realised your own 2 pegs street bike could do the moves he does on any bike he picks up..and for the fucking come up record..

    this guy..once hang fived so fast down a hill…. that was seriously 30-9 fast..and fucking scary to watch.. while he just smiled.. u have it all bro. rock on

  2. Rad Dad says:

    Matthias you can come to Austin and hang out with us anytime! Is there going to be a BIG JAM while your hanging out in Louisiana? Its only a 8 hour drive. A few of the ATX Crew members might be down for a weekend Jam. Thanks for doing a interview Terry!!!

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