Secret Photo/Video Shoot Coming Soon…

January 8th, 2009

I’ll be hitting up my first contest of the year at the end of the month in Indianapolis. It’s a cool contest held in an airplane hangar of some sort. Should be interesting to see how it all goes down.

I’m also doing a secret video/photo shoot while I’m there so that should turn out rad. I’ll post more info about that when it all comes together.

4 Responses to “Secret Photo/Video Shoot Coming Soon…”

  1. Rad Dad Says:

    Hey Terry,

    I will see you there on Saturday! I hope your bringing some Nuks with you!

  2. Terrel Says:

    Hi Terry,
    Your dvd looks awesome. I work for the largest distributor in the world for action sports…VAS Entertainment. We are a global company with branches in 5 countires. I’d love to sell your title! Fixed bike is BIG for us. We could sell ALOT…
    Please call me.
    Terrel Porter-Smith
    Senior Buyer/Category Manager
    VAS Entertainment
    211 Tank Farm Road
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
    (805) 597-5717 work phone
    (530) 867-5763 cell phone

  3. Mike Aspen Says:


    I really enjoy your site and I hope well for you in the upcoming year of 2009.

    Good Luck
    Mike A

  4. Chelsea Goetz Says:

    Hey Terry! You did awesome at the “Fight With Flight” contest! :)

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