Getting business done.
A Voodoo Jam poster in Raising Cane's.
Straight chillin'.
Red Carpet with Drew Bezanson.
At the Red Bulletin party with Reggie Bush and Corey Bohan.
Just me.
Losing to Matthias Dandois at Voodoo Jam.
Flying an airplane.
A studio shoot in L.A.
In memory of my old blog setup.
Winning a battle at Jomopro.
My Odyssey team manager Jim Bauer.
Winning a battle at Voodoo Jam.
Picking up Hiroshi and Ucchie from the airport.
Touching up the makeup during Glee.
Fat Tony and me in Cali.
R.I.P. Dickie Sanders. I love you, dude.
Daniel Dhers
School's out.
Chad DeGroot
Chilling with Boo Boo Stewart.
Living the life...
Just a typical day at the house.
Red Bull Bargespin tour.
Hanging out with Alex Jumelin at the backyard riding spot.
Hanging out with Aaron Ross while shooting a Flatware / Odyssey Ad.
Hanging out with Bobby Carter, Raphael Chiquet, Alain Masabova, and Matthias Dandois at the 2007 Ride BMX Magazine NORA Cup party at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.
Battling Hiroya Morizaki in Singapore.
Ride's 2006 NORA Cup party in Las Vegas.
Flat Ring in Paris, France.
Riding while Scott O'Brien MCs in Amsterdam.
Back in the day...
Signing autographs at the 2002 X Games in Philly.
Where else would I go eat?
Flatland Voodoo Jam, 2006.
Circa 1993.
2004 World Championship in Germany.
Good photo from Singapore.
Couldn't find gloves, so these socks worked alright. Canada is cold, eh?.
Who flies to Sydney, Australia for only 24 hours? Apparently I do...
Pulling a link on top of a wobbly truck.
Signing the cover of Ride BMX Magazine in Mexico.
Me and Scott in Singapore, 2006.
Chilling with a donkey in Portugal.
Hong Kong photo shoot.
Guess where?
The Louvre in Paris, getting some culture.
Freestylin' in '92.
Product photo for Pure Flatland clothing.
Getting coverage at age 3.
Confused in New York's Time Square.
MTV in Singapore.
Session fueled by chicken fingers.
Barflip to hitchhiker in Mexico in front of a packed audience.
Overlooking Real de Catorce in Mexico.
Horse ride to the top of the mountain at the Red Bull 14 contest.
Photo for a Lotek ad.
Vegas, baby!
Hanging out with Matt Wilhelm and Justin Miller in Korea after the X Games.
My two dirt jumps.
My old ramps made out of metal.
Moto Groundforce is inside a mall and is a sick contest.
My old signature T-shirt with the pimp glide on it.
Get off my prop-pur-tee.
This was hanging in the Ride BMX at Interbike.
Filming for my solo DVD.
I was supposed to go back to Hong Kong after this, but my appendix burst.
More Hong Kong.
Skating at the local Hammond park.
This was in the top 250 photos in the Red Bull Illume contest. Shot by Fat.
My personal riding spot.
Buddhist temple in Japan.
My first freestyle bike; Dyno Air.
Checking out my cover at the local Barne's and Noble.
Cruising around in Paris with Alex Jumelin.
At the aquarium after shooting a photo for the Ride buyer's guide.
Random Las Vegas happenings in a parking garage.
With Bam Margera.
Body paint for a demo.
Me with Chad Johnston.
My poster at the '07 Circle Of Balance in Tokyo.
Posted up with legendary DMC.
Me and Fat freezing in the desert before shooting photos in the dirt.
In Costa Rica for the Ticos Jam.
Ride's Fat Tony and Jeff Z.
Me and Fat in Vegas.
Me and Hector after I won some cash in Houston, Texas.
Ground Zero.
My new house in Hammond, Louisiana.
Interbike '07.
Filming for a Fuel TV segment in New Orleans.
Me with Matt Wilhelm in Japan.
My mom, Julie Adams.
Me and Justin at my old trailer.
Inside a Mexican prison.
Filming with Chad Shackleford in Mexico.
Vanessa lookin' good.
Doing demos in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
2008 Voodoo Jam with Fat.