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6 day trip to trip to St. Lucia !

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010


Me and my wife Vanessa just returned home from  a 6 day trip to

the beautiful island of St. Lucia. We visited the rain forest, enjoyed the beaches , and relaxed at one of the best resorts in the area. It was truly amazing!




The 1 hour drive to the resort was unreal. Going up mountain tops that looks like a jungle out of a movie.



We stayed in a room that over looked the Ocean, ate great food, and slept on the beach everyday. So very relaxing indeed!



After returning from our vacation trip I had the Ganji flatland crew stop by for a hardcore backyard session.  They slept in tents in my backyard  for 2 nights. It was great getting to chill with some old friends and share my backyard spot with some of the most talented riders in the U.S.

(Next stop JOMOPRO contest! )

Trip to NYC for the grand Openeing of the Red Bull Arena!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010


I just returned home from NYC for the Grand opening of the new RedBull Soccer Arena. Red Bull flew out a shit ton of their Athletes including Shecklar, Bohan, Reggie Bush, and even Lindsay Vonn. This photo above is all the athletes as we walked into the stadium for the first time. Stoked to be on the Red carpet with these guys for sure. This trip was super dailed. Check the photos!



As I walked into my hotel room they had this super rad jersey laying on my bed. RedBull made all the athletes custom jerseys with our names on them to cheer on the “Red Bull New Yorkers” with Style.



Before the game started I busted a demo out in of front the arena while the huge crowd waited to get in.



The game was awesome! A Freaking Red Bull car drove on the field and Lindsay Vonn handed off the ball to start the game!  Of Course our team took home the win on their home turf against Brazil ! Dope!



And the raddest mustache out of 25,000 spectators goes to my mate… Corey Bohan. lol

Next stop…. St. Lucia for my anniversary trip with my wife. Photos will come after I get back.

Demos in South Padre Island,TX for Springbreak

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


I just returned from South Padre Island TX. I was there doing demos for Red Bull and it was nuts. thousands of spring breakers came from all over to party. I was right in middle of all the parities. Performing in night clubs, on the streets, and even pool side. I must say…. It was wild..



Everyday before my demos started I began the day with a nice back rub. Thanks to the Red Bull for hooking that up.



At one of the club shows that had a little bikini contest.. If you are wondering who took the win… It was the second girl on the end….  I am now back at home preparing for my next trip. I am headed to New York on Friday. Look for another update next week!

Back to Mexico!!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010


This week I headed back to Mexico to shoot for a TV  program, bust some demos, and perform for a crowd of 40,000 people! It was a crazy trip & story to tell for sure! Please read along to see what happened.


In the mix of filming for a huge TV program we traveled all over Mexico City into small towns  to perform in front of the most popular areas. It was awesome!



On the way to a wild photo shoot we got pulled over on a dirt road by a Mexican cop. Apparently  we were speeding. It was super scary to be in the Van because our driver was a speed devil!



We ate at a ton of great places.. Unfortunately I became very sick after eating the meal you see above. I was so sick they sent a doctor to my hotel room. He told the organizers of the event that I needed to go directly to the hospital to get a shot. After I got the the shot I spent a full 30 hours in my hotel trying to get better.



It was crazy going into the hospital to get the shot injection because I was the only person in the entire place. I was nervous to take the Mexican medicine but they assured me it was ok. :)



I went to the hospital 2 days in a row to get the shot just to make sure I would have my strength back to perform at the big show that would happen on the last day.



Before the big show I met up with these kids that were super stoked to watch me ride. I signed all their  bikes & shirts before I headed off to get ready for the big performance.




That night I performed for 40,000 people! It was by far the biggest crowd I had rode for. It was rad! They had Sky divers, B boys, airplanes, singers, trail riding, and myself were all apart of the big show. Thanks to Red Bull Mexico for hooking up this awesome experience. Also Thanks to Robby Klein for coming along to shoot some amazing photos that you guys will see soon!

How to Foot Jam Decade!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010


I have a pretty cool how-to foot jam decade video on the Transword website. Click here and go learn that shit!




Watch me on Fuel TV this week.

Monday, March 1st, 2010


Watch me on Fuel TVs weekly update this week for the Red Bull Fight with Flight contest that happened in Indianapolis. I lost my first battle in the finals at the event but I sure am stoked I made it on TV!