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Photo of Terry on dirt road for Ares Bykes Catalog.

Photo of Terry giving autographs at the 2002 XGames.

Photo of Terry's name on the Xgames Marque.

Terry chillin in Korea. 

On the podium with a first place win at the Flatjam contest. 

In Portugal in 2003 chillin with a donkey on the side of the road.

Terry, ramp riding at a show in his early bmx days.  Look at that style.




ACEHOLE clothing company promotional flyer.

Front cover of an ARES BYKES company catalog.

A poster featured on the inside of an ARES BYKES product catalog.

One of twelve images of featured riders in the Neon Media calendar.




The Daily Star newspaper in Louisiana, featuring Terry accompanied by an article.

The second page of the Daily Star article.

Another newspaper write up on Terry in his hometown newspaper.

Terry, featured once again in his hometown paper.  This was Terry in his early days.

Terry, featured in a local newspaper.

This article is an interview with Terry in his local Newspaper.